Angular vs React vs Vue.JS: Which One is the Best in 2022?

2021-12-12T22:05:44+01:00december 8th, 2021|Mediaan blog|

The web is filled with different types of content for all audiences. People use it to watch videos, file taxes, interact with communities, or even share cat pictures. Web frameworks are one of the main technologies that make the web what it is today. But what exactly are web frameworks? Why do Developers like them [...]

Introduction to Agile Working

2022-03-25T17:14:29+01:00oktober 27th, 2021|Mediaan blog|

Almost everyone and every company is talking about agile working. Often you hear the word “agile” being thrown around, without people even realizing its actual meaning. Fair enough, people love buzzwords — they help make you part of the conversation. However, let's not jump straight on the bandwagon here! Instead, let's find out what [...]

Computer Vision: Improving Your AI

2021-09-29T16:24:53+01:00september 23rd, 2021|Mediaan blog|

Welcome to the 4th and final step on how to start using Computer Vision! Previously, we highlighted the benefits of deploying and running a Computer Vision model. We also explained the process of automating human inputs & decisions with our  “Observing>Influencing>Acting” cycle, which we presented in one half of a double feedback loop. In this [...]

Detecting Suspicious Activities Using Computer Vision

2021-09-29T16:30:30+01:00augustus 5th, 2021|Mediaan blog|

Thievery often happens in places like storage areas or depots, as they provide easy access to hundreds of items in one location. Plus, many of these facilities are not adequately secured, allowing thieves to slip in and out unnoticeably. Merely placing security surveillance is often not a good enough solution. Envision having an intelligent [...]

COVID-19 Data Crawler: Making Predictions With Data Scraped From The Internet

2021-07-28T08:35:44+01:00juli 28th, 2021|Mediaan blog|

The corona-virus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected the lives of millions, the businesses we rely upon, and the way we live our life. The internet is full of relevant data accumulated over the last 2 years. Wouldn't it be great if all of this available data is used to understand the situation better and know [...]

Data Entry Automation: Capturing Data From Different Templates

2021-07-22T09:11:14+01:00juli 22nd, 2021|Mediaan blog|

Learning both software engineering and artificial intelligence during your internship? Yes, at Mediaan, it's possible! Our aim is to provide an environment where students work on a real-life use case and develop their hard and soft skills simultaneously. In this blog, we highlight one of our internship projects that resulted in a working product that [...]

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