What was intended as a short-term stay in Germany turned into a journey of personal and professional growth. In this blog interview, we sit down with Ileana Boero, a Senior Consultant at Mediaan Conclusion, who shares her unique experience of moving from Argentina to Germany. Join us as we explore Ileana’s reasons for relocation, the path that led her to Mediaan Conclusion and how she adapted to a new environment far away from home!

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role at Mediaan Conclusion?

Of course! My name is Ileana. I am originally from Argentina and have been working as a Senior Consultant at Mediaan Conclusion for some time now. My role involves applying my diverse expertise and skills in process optimization, project management, business development and integrating AI solutions to everyday problems within the industry.

So, what motivated you to relocate from Argentina to Germany?

I moved to Germany not only to finish my master’s degree, but also because I was looking for a new challenge and had been thinking about moving to Germany for a while. Having spent a few months in Germany during my teenage years, I had always intended to return for further studies or work. Despite unsuccessful attempts to secure a scholarship in Germany, I decided to begin my master’s degree in Argentina. I looked in advance to see if my university offered exchange opportunities with German universities. A few years ago, I finally moved to Germany as part of an exchange program to complete my studies in finance.

How did your journey lead you to join Mediaan Conclusion?

My initial plan for a brief stay in Germany extended into years. Eventually, my path led me to Mediaan Conclusion. A major factor that attracted me to this company is the people. That may sound a bit stereotypical, but it’s true. Even during the first interviews, I felt very comfortable and had the feeling that we would be able to work well together. Even if there was something to improve or critically discuss in the future, I had the initial impression that this would definitely be possible. In general, I value transparent communication and productive and pleasant relationships with the people I work with.  Another important aspect that influenced my decision was the flexibility the company offers in its working environment. All projects can be done remotely, which works very well. Finally, the fact that Mediaan Conclusion is an international company with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany also caught my attention. I greatly appreciate working with and learning from other cultures, just as I was able to learn many new things by moving to Germany.

Did you notice a specific difference between working in Germany and Argentina?

Getting used to working with colleagues from other cultures is not always easy! It requires a high degree of adaptation and interest in understanding others and their individual perspectives. In Argentina, it was more verbal, informal and open-plan. In Germany, it’s more structured, sometimes requiring prior meetings. I remember back home, we usually started the day with a short update and a cup of coffee with my manager. Sometimes, when employees had many questions for their managers, there would be a long line in front of their offices. In addition, the phones would often ring to discuss a problem that was easy to solve. Because it was an open office, everyone who worked in that office area was included in the discussions. If someone needed my help, all they had to do was call my name and I would walk over to them. There was little formality and in terms of communication, it was more of an unstructured work environment.

What is a stereotype about Germans that you think is not true OR perhaps a stereotype that is completely true?

People think Germans are cold. But for me, that wasn’t the case. Relationships are different and are built at different times, but if you really invest in these relationships, they last forever. A true friendship with a German is unconditional.

How was your experience adjusting to a new place far away from home?

Adjusting to a new place is always a mix of excitement, the desire to have a different experience from your home country and new daily challenges when it comes to organizing your life and sometimes bureaucracy. I moved first to Frankfurt am Main for my studies and later to Berlin for work. I was lucky that I always felt supported by my friends at university and then by my colleagues at work. If you are lucky enough to be part of a group, you quickly become immersed in the new culture.

What would you advise people who are considering moving, but have doubts?

If I could give some advice to people who are considering moving but are hesitant, I would say that it is a very rewarding experience that can be scary at first but always pays off in the end. So, just do it!

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