Are you familiar with Netflix recommendations, Google Search, and the concept of self-driving cars, but have no idea how they actually work? Don’t worry! Our Mediaan talks help you understand how some of these famous applications work and show you how to generate business value using AI.

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Ever wondered how artificial intelligence and machine learning can create business value for your organization?

With these vlogs, we want to discuss famous AI applications, outline use cases for different markets, and cover different technologies that can help you generate more business value.

Like our videos and want to learn more? We are more than happy to get in touch with you and help you plan the next step on your journey to embedding AI into your business!

Predictive analytics for logistics

Predictive analytics is making a big splash in the logistics and supply chain industry. It provides information [...]

The Fear Of Adopting Data Science Solutions

In recent years, companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix have been in the headlines for developing groundbreaking [...]

AI In The Legal World

The legal world is a field where technology, let alone high-end artificial intelligence, has yet to strive. [...]

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Embracing Growth: A Journey From Argentina to Germany

What was intended as a short-term stay in Germany turned into a journey of personal and professional growth. In this blog interview, we sit down with Ileana Boero, a Senior Consultant at Mediaan Conclusion, [...]

Four Key Trends in AI and Data Science for 2024

Artificial intelligence and data science became front-page news in 2023, largely due to the surge in generative AI technologies, which captivated widespread attention. Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, the big question is: what [...]

Beyond Borders: A Data Scientist from France

Established in 1969, Mediaan Conclusion is an international company catering to clients worldwide. Our diverse team, consisting of experts from over 10 nationalities, enables us to understand and meet the specific needs of clients [...]

From Portugal to The Netherlands: An Expat’s Journey

To us, quality means recruiting and retaining the best and brightest, regardless of their origins or diverse backgrounds. In our previous interview, we spoke with Ivans, who is originally from Latvia. This time around, [...]

Six Building Blocks Behind Successful AI-powered Operations

In this third edition of our series on AI-powered Operations (AIOps), we take a closer look at the technical components that form the foundation of a successful AIOps project. They are crucial in enabling [...]

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Mediaan Conclusion Launch 2024 Event: Intelligent Future

On Friday, the 9th of February 2024, we organized our annual internal Launch event at the beautiful Château St Gerlach, focusing on the theme "Intelligent Future". We kicked off the event by warmly welcoming [...]

No Pieten? No problem! Sinterklaas’ AI Assistant Got That Covered

No Pieten? No problem! With the help of an AI assistant, Sinterklaas managed to bring the presents to the Medianers. Unfortunately, it didn't go as smoothly as expected! 😎 🎁 [...]

Mediaan Conclusion Sommerkonferenz 2023

Our annual Mediaan Conclusion Sommerkonferenz took place this year on June 16th at the Van der Valk Airporthotel in Düsseldorf. We are proud to say that the event was a great success, with over 300 [...]

A Collaborative Project with Thomas More

One thing we know about technology is that it never stays the same. As an IT company that strives to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, it is of utmost importance that we [...]

Introducing You to the New CEO of Mediaan Conclusion

Recently, Mediaan Conclusion underwent an important managerial change. After more than 9 years serving as CEO of the company, Joachim Depper (right) stepped down and handed over his position to his colleague and former Director [...]

Merry Christmas!

Nothing speaks louder that you’re in a holiday spirit than wearing an ugly Christmas sweater! With this festive mood, the entire Mediaan Conclusion team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2023! [...]

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