This year, our Frühlingskonferenz was hosted on April 26 at the Van der Valk Airporthotel in Düsseldorf. It featured amazing speakers who shared their insights around the theme “ALL ABOUT AI”, highlighting the changing landscape of artificial intelligence. In the evening, we enjoyed a wonderful get-together with our customers and colleagues with refreshing drinks, delicious food and dancing!


Before starting the conference, we warmly welcomed the participants with a selection of tasty refreshments and beverages, allowing them some time to relax. In the plenary room, the conference began with a heartfelt introduction by our Managing Director Marcus Vengels and moderator Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker. This was followed by a brief overview of last year’s conference and some future insights by our Managing Director Sebastian Winkler.

Keynote sessions

As usual, our keynote sessions were moderated by Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker, who skillfully guided the conference and facilitated interaction between the audience and the speakers. The “ALL ABOUT AI” Frühlingskonferenz by Mediaan Conclusion brought together leading experts to discuss the future of artificial intelligence. Highlights include:

  • Matthias Plappert shared exciting insights from his time at OpenAI: Emphasized the necessity of thorough AI testing and shifting from specialized to generalist systems, while addressing challenges such as privacy and inaccuracies.
  • Dr. Sarah Seufert & Dustin Syfuss from Metapott GmbH: Highlighted the integration of programming with specialist departments using low-code and no-code platforms, encouraging a boost in employee creativity and innovation.
  • Joeri Pepels & Hendrik van Bebber from Redcare Pharmacy: Showcased AI applications in pharmacy operations, such as camera systems for parcel checks and AI for customer email responses, which were keys to their recent growth.
  • Hans-Joachim Köppen from IBM: Advocated the transition from separate departmental data management to a unified “data farm” model, emphasizing the importance of digital experiences and ecosystems in generating future value.
  • Ulrich Irnich, CIO from Vodafone GmbH: Urged the adoption of an “AI first” mindset in organizations, focusing on fostering a growth mindset starting from the leadership level.

Time to relax

We wrapped up the day with delicious food, cold drinks, good music and pleasant chats with our beloved network. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all participants for their keen interest and spirited involvement. We look forward to meeting everyone again next year!


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