At Mediaan, we are continuously looking at possibilities of technology and how we can create new experiences and improvements for every business. In collaboration students from PXL Hogeschool and Karting Genk last year, we created a prototype which acts as a personal coach that you can wear during karting. We had the opportunity to showcase this prototype during the World Karting Championship in September 2018. The result? We hit the papers!

The cool thing about it is that it gives you tips while driving, this way, you are aware of the ideal driving line or breaking points. This project uses various types of technologies such as the Microsoft Hololens, Gamification elements and Artificial Intelligence in order to come up with the best solution. A combination of augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality together!

“With Hololens we had to push the limits because certain technologies weren’t ready to be applied yet, so we had to find out ways around to come up with solutions”– Ebert Joris, Software Developer, Mediaan Hasselt.

“For us, this is our future for Karting”– Lise Moermans, Marketing Manager, Karting Genk.

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