Achieving a long-term partnership with our customers is most important to us. Aevitae’s Director Leo Houben and Mediaan’s Managing Director Elmer Nelis have extended our successful collaboration by signing a 3-year contract. We are very proud that we have been Aevitae’s strategic partner in the development of innovative IT solutions since its founding in 2001.

Match made in heaven

Aevitae is the specialist in collective insurance; this applies for health insurance, non-life insurance and income insurance. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, our team helped Aevitae in various areas.

Since our founding in 2001, Mediaan has implemented innovative IT solutions to ensure fast and simple management of insurance policies for Aevitae’s consumers. By signing the new contract, Mediaan will continue to maintain Aevitae’s business-critical systems and make a significant contribution to Aevitae’s innovation projects for at least another 3 years. Leo Houben – Director

Great success in 19 years of collaboration

  • In 2006, we helped Aevitae to be one of the first insurers that qualified to carry out the new health care act. Mediaan developed the self-service portal that allows policyholders to manage their insurance as well as view coverage and benefits information quickly and easily.
  • In 2012, Aevitae was one of the first insurance providers to have an app that features almost all the same functions as the portal.
  • In 2016, Mediaan helped Aevitae by designing the IT architecture for Aevitae’s hybrid cloud environment.
  • In 2019, we used Machine Learning to optimize e-mail routing. We also support Aevitae with the implementation of a digital portal that makes purchasing of insurance policies fast and simple for consumers.