On Friday 15th of January 2021, we had our Launch 21 kick-off event. This year, we went completely digital and combined lots of creative videos with panel discussions, inspiring tech sessions, and a thrilling quiz with our quizmaster Kai! We are confident to say that it was a success!

Launch event

The theme we took for our Launch 21 event was „The Big Event“.  This year we took a completely different approach; it was the first time that we organized a digital Launch event with an online audience.

How did we spend our day?

We started the Launch 21 event with some nice videos and music: the Mediaanband played the song „Stand by Me“, recorded from 9 home offices and put together in one video. Then we moved to the Livestream session led by Jan Stegink as the moderator. During this part, the International Management Team looked back at what happened in 2020 and discussed our vision and plans for 2021. We also got the chance to have a look at some home offices of our colleagues.

To showcase the cool stuff that we did in 2020, we continued with presentations of some of our exciting projects, presented by the medianers who were involved. After the presentations, some entertaining videos – like Mediaan’s interpretation of „How it Started versus How it’s Going“, with hilarious input of 50 colleagues – were shown. Followed by that were the parallel sessions. This year we had four different parallel sessions with the following interesting topics:

    • Let’s Talk About Speech
    • Why Cloud Computing In (Not) The Future
    • How To Grow Our Business
    • Artificial Intelligence & Data Protection – A Contradiction?

Closing the day

Thanks to multi-talent Kai Mevissen as the Quiz Master, we could close our Mediaan Launch 21 event in such a fun and interactive way! The winners got some nice prizes and eternal fame.

We look back on an inspiring and wonderful day, with great presentations, entertainment, and laughs. We are ready to achieve our goals for 2021!