Making a difference with technology implies that you always have to stay ahead and look towards the future. That is why it was a no-brainer that Mediaan joined the KE@Work programme offered by Maastricht University during its launch in 2014. Mediaan has had at least two KE@Work students every year since then!

This programme allows students to apply things they have learned from the theory in practice, by actually spending 50% of their time working in a company during the students get the opportunities to work on different fields of AI such as chatbot development, predictive analytics, machine learning, data science and data engineering. Not only do they grow a lot mentally, but they also develop corporation and soft skills as well. By joining the KE@Work programme, students get two years (!) of valuable job experience, and they also get to learn how to present, how to interact and communicate with customers and how to become a good team player.

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