After a long wait, Mediaan Conclusion could finally organize its annual Spring Conference (Frühlingskonferenz) on May 6 at the Van der Valk hotel in Düsseldorf. Approximately 200 guests were present at the event. This year’s conference covered the exciting topic of „Reality vs. virtual worlds: How do Metaverse & Co. work and how do I profit from it?“. We started the event with speeches from Mediaan Conclusion’s CEO Joachim Depper and Managing Director Marcus Vengels, followed by some interesting keynote sessions and a panel discussion. In the evening, we celebrated our reunion with cool drinks, culinary delights and some fun beats!

Green Care Farm

The first keynote speaker was Katharina Rosteius, a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Health Services Research (HSR) at Maastricht University. She addressed the topic of Green Care Farms, which highlights how current IT technologies offer new opportunities for the elderly care of people with dementia.

Virtual Reality

The second keynote session was given by Sebastian Winkler, one of the Managing Directors of Mediaan Conclusion. Sebastian is an expert in the field of virtual reality and during his talk, he spoke about the use of virtual reality in many industries and the future of VR and the Metaverse.

The World of Metaverse

Our last but definitely not least keynote speaker was Kai Herzenberger, Group Director of Commerce at Meta (formerly known as Facebook) in Germany. During his presentation, he took us into the world of the Metaverse and showed us how we can benefit from the convergence of virtual, augmented and physical realities.

Panel Discussion

Our host, Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker from the University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, actively led the keynote sessions and the panel discussion. Together with our experts and keynote speakers, they discussed any further questions on the hot topic of this year’s conference.

Time to Relax

The successful day ended with delicious food, cold drinks, good music and pleasant chats with our beloved network. A huge thanks to all of the participants for their interest and enthusiastic participation. We are already looking forward to meet everyone again next year!


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