On June 15, Mediaan’s 5th Summer Conference took place in the Van der Valk Airporthotel in Düsseldorf. We welcomed more than 300 guests who attended exciting lectures by our experts regarding the theme “Artificial Intelligence – curse or opportunity?”. Afterwards, they joined us for food and drinks and we pleasantly rounded up the successful event. 

Positive and Negative Consequences

The first lecture was held by investor and Bitkom chairman Achim Berg. He talked about the possible positive, as well as negative, consequences of artificial intelligence for our society and thereby provided the attendees with some food for thought regarding the topic. He also discussed the topic in an interview with the Rheinischen Post, which you can find here.

History and Current Projects

Next, Mediaan’s data scientist Valentin Calomme provided insights into the history of artificial intelligence. Using contemporary examples, he showed how artificial intelligence is already being used by Deutsche Telekom AG at this moment.

A Book with Seven Seals?

Finally, Stephanie Kemp, head of innovation, transformation & digital technology at Lowell Financial Services GmbH, pursued the question on whether artificial intelligence really is a book with seven seals. By taking the Lowell Group as an example, she showed that artificial intelligence could turn out to be a genuine opportunity.

Panel Discussion

Our host, Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker of the university of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, eloquently directed the lectures, as well as the subsequent panel discussion. During the panel discussion, he, together with the experts and our guests, discussed further questions regarding the currently hot topic of this year’s Summer Conference.

Time to Relax

The successful evening was brought to an end by enjoying nice food, cold drinks, good music, and pleasant conversations with new and known contacts. We would like to thank the attendees for their interest and enthusiastic participation in our event. We are already looking forward to next year’s Summer Conference and are eager to learn more about the undoubtedly interesting topic we will be covering then!


Would you like to attend next year’s summer conference? Write us an e-mail with your contact details at mediaan-events@mediaan.com.