How do you become a frontrunner in a world where technological advances are increasing exponentially? To answer that question, we organized the „Mediaan Conclusion – The Future is Now“ event on Wednesday, October 12, at the Château St. Gerlach Paviljoen. It was an inspiring session with interesting keynotes. From André Kuipers‘ take on revolutionary technologies in space to Valentin Calomme’s presentation on future digital and technological innovations. We wrapped up the day with a networking opportunity where key players in the Euregion had the chance to get to know each other, while enjoying some drinks and bites. 

Revolutionary technology in space

Technology is everywhere in space travel. And who can tell you better about that than someone who had been on several space missions himself, André Kuipers! During his keynote session, André shared his experiences on the International Space Station (ISS), the largest, most complex, international technological structure ever created by mankind. He highlighted how technology plays an important role in space; think about health, communication, transportation, energy, food and even sports.

The future of artificial intelligence

The second keynote session was given by Valentin Calomme, one of the AI experts at Mediaan Conclusion. Valentin talked about the massive impact of artificial intelligence in our lives today, how it has been applied in many industries and what we can expect from it in the future.

Good to know!

For each participant of the event „The Future is Now,“ Mediaan Conclusion will donate 20 euros to a charity. This year we have chosen three charities that are working for a better future for people in need and our world:


Since early 2022, Mediaan Conclusion has been participating in FairClimateFund’s “Clean cooking with biogas” project. This project helps families in rural India switch from cooking on open fire to a new clean way of cooking with biogas.


Every year, thousands of boys and girls, men and women in the Netherlands become victims of human trafficking. By donating to the CKM, we help fight these practices.


Through technological innovation, CATF aims to make the full range of carbon-free alternatives available, including advanced renewable energy sources, carbon-free fuels, carbon capture and advanced nuclear power at an affordable price.

Time to Relax

We wrapped up the day with some drinks & bites and pleasant chats with our beloved network. A huge thanks to all of the participants for their interest and enthusiastic participation. We are already looking forward to meet everyone again next time!


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