It’s amazing to see what is possible these days using Image Processing and Computer Vision technologies. Yet, many organizations aren’t aware of what technology of today can do, or think that using Computer Vision requires too big of an investment. Let us show you our way of using Computer Vision, utilizing technologies readily available today!

Capabilities & applications

Computer Vision capabilities have massively increased in recent years. It was used first in factories to automate processes such as measuring the manufacturing quality in an automated way. Nowadays, Computer Vision is used in all kinds of fields. Not only in tech-savvy industries like Robotics and Industry, but also in other areas like Security (24/7 automated surveillance), Retail (customer demographic insights), Healthcare (supporting medical assessments), Agriculture (plan harvest capacity), and many more. It is more commonly used than you may think! And that is because it is more accessible than ever.

Computer vision in 4 steps!

At Mediaan, we have many years of experience with these AI vision systems, and we have successfully implemented dozens of Computer Vision projects. We have a proven Way of Working that consists of 4 simple steps in our continuous “Build > Run > Improve” cycle:

That’s it! Think about some of the manual labor activities in your organization that use (product) images, videos, or live streams. Or, think about the possibilities when adding cameras to some of the physical areas and processes in your business. Let us impress you with some Computer Vision solutions!

Quick to test

Did you know that most of our Proof of Values are delivered within just a month? So, why not give it a try and get in touch with our experts at Mediaan? Then we will brainstorm and collaborate with you to improve your business using technology. In the meantime check out our real-life “Farmer Piet” case where we use Computer Vision to improve the well-being of pigs. Check out our other related Computer Vision blogs here:

This blog is written by Micha Verboeket – Computer Vision Product Manager and Director Mediaan Hasselt.