Whether you are part of a multi-national corporation or a small local shop, customer care is an extremely important part of your business. It is what brings you and your customers closer together. Here we will show you how Artificial Intelligence, especially Natural Language Processing, can become part of your customer care landscape.

What makes customer care successful?

In general, companies that excel in customer care have a better awareness of their client’s questions and complaints and therefore have a better retention rate. These companies have learned that for succeeding in their customer care, they needed to:

  • Enable a variety of communication channels to communicate with customers where they are.
  • Reply promptly to show customers you are ready for them.
  • Understand what they are looking for, what questions, concerns, and complaints they have to truly solve their problem.
  • Handle interactions effectively, by having processes organized and streamlined

How does Artificial Intelligence fit in customer care?

While customer care can happen in a variety of ways, natural language communication is the predominant way that companies interact with their customers. These can be an e-mail exchange, a text message conversation, a call, a letter with instructions, an online review, a social media post, a company newsletter, a document with information, etc. All of these activities generate natural language data in the form of either text or audio, and thankfully, there are machine learning techniques available to reap the benefits out of this unstructured data and support you in your customer care journey.

Four steps of NLP in customer care

Here are the typical steps that any company can take to leverage Natural Language Processing to improve their customer care:

Should you integrate Artificial Intelligence into your customer care?

Yes! The four steps are a gradual process that any company can take. The first step is easy, it requires low investment and it already guides you into a compelling business case. In the second step, you already start reaping the benefits. The third and fourth step brings your customer care game to a level you maybe never even thought about. In any case. At Mediaan, we have a team of data scientists and AI engineers who are ready to collaborate with you and make your customer care even more successful.

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This blog is written by Bruno Lubascher – Data Scientist & Business Line Manager at Mediaan.