We are thrilled to welcome William van der Pijl as the new CEO of Mediaan Conclusion. William brings with him a wealth of experience and a vision that aligns perfectly with our ambitious future. His proven track record as the former CEO of Macaw, where he successfully transformed the company into an international enterprise, makes him the ideal person to lead us into the next phase of growth. In this blog, we sit down with William to learn more about his background, his vision for Mediaan Conclusion and his thoughts on the exciting future ahead.

About William

Q: William, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

William: Of course! My name is William van der Pijl, married to Wanda and we have three sons. We live in Nunspeet, on the beautiful Veluwe. In my private life I love hiking, soccer and everything Italian.

My academic journey in computer science began in the mid-nineties, with a specialization in AI. Over the past seven years, I was the CEO of Macaw, a prominent Microsoft/Sitecore partner in the Dutch and German markets. During my tenure, Macaw transitioned from a traditional Dutch company to an international enterprise, establishing a nearshore location in Lithuania and expanding the business significantly in Germany. Over my years at Macaw the company grew to 500 colleagues in total.

Q: What excites you the most about joining Mediaan Conclusion?

William: Mediaan Conclusion has a remarkable track record and I firmly believe there is significant potential for even greater success. Learning about the innovative projects Mediaan colleagues have been working on over the past few months has been impressive! This experience has increased my enthusiasm to work even harder and take Mediaan to new heights of success.

Continuing the legacy

Q: Elmer, you have been a Medianer for more than 27 years. Can you share your thoughts on this transition?

Elmer (former CEO): At Mediaan, we have ambitious plans and are ready to take important steps in our growth, including expanding our business in Germany. We have also established strong collaborations with our sister companies, like Hot Item, Future Facts, and AMIS, specializing in data, AI, and software. This strategic approach will allow us to deliver groundbreaking and innovative projects to our clients both locally and internationally.

The upcoming years will be exciting and challenging. After careful consideration, I have decided that this is a good moment to welcome a new leader. I’m confident that Mediaan is in good hands with William and the rest of the management team. While I will be stepping back to spend more time on personal matters, I will continue to work for Mediaan and support the team in various ways during this transition.

Future plans and collaboration

Q: William, how do you plan to continue and expand on Mediaan’s future plans as outlined by Elmer?

William: Elmer and the rest of the management team have laid a strong foundation for our future, and I am committed to building upon that legacy. We will continue to focus on expanding our presence in Germany, but also growing in the Netherlands and Belgium remains of great importance to us.

The intended growth in Germany is entirely in line with Conclusion’s international strategy, that aims to establish an ecosystem in Germany similar to the one in the Netherlands. Recently, Conclusion joined forces with diva-e, a leading German Digital Experience service provider with 800 people working across Germany for an impressive list of customers. This is a great first big step in our strategy, and know that more steps will follow.

In addition to the growth plans of Conclusion and Mediaan, I also want to focus even more on personal growth and well-being of all Medianers. A nice working environment where you can work and relax, appealing career opportunities, and challenging projects that make a difference for our clients is what really gets us excited at Mediaan Conclusion.

Q: Any final thoughts you would like to share?

William: I am really excited to be part of Mediaan Conclusion. I believe in our potential and am committed to leading us through this next phase of growth. We strive to serve our clients with innovative projects that push the boundaries of what is possible. I believe in maintaining strong, transparent communication with our team and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

We are thrilled to welcome William van der Pijl to Mediaan Conclusion and look forward to the exciting journey ahead. We also extend our deepest gratitude to Elmer for his incredible leadership and commitment over the past 27 years!