Recently, Mediaan Conclusion underwent an important managerial change. After more than 9 years serving as CEO of the company, Joachim Depper (right) stepped down and handed over his position to his colleague and former Director of Mediaan NL Elmer Nelis (left), who is now the new CEO of Mediaan Conclusion. Joachim will continue to work at the company and help Conclusion expand its business in the German market. The management of Mediaan Conclusion in the Netherlands is handed over to Marco Peters and Timothy Pranger, who will jointly manage our Belgium and the Netherlands subsidiaries. Our German subsidiary will continue to be managed by Marcus Vengels and Sebastian Winkler.

“Mission completed! After nine years I am very proud to handover my position to Elmer. An intensive time where we transformed our company into an international company. It was an intense journey with many highlights and challenges. I wish Elmer and the new Management team all the best for the next chapter of mediaan.” Joachim Depper, former CEO of Mediaan

“In the last year, we were able to strengthen our international management team with two new directors; Sebastian Winkler in Germany and Timothy Pranger in the Netherlands. Sebastian joined Mediaan Conclusion in 2021 and Timothy is one of our own home-grown talents. I am proud to see so many young talents in our organization and I am happy that Joachim will stay on board. Together we are all set to further drive Mediaan’s growth.” – Elmer Nelis, CEO of Mediaan Conclusion

In his role as the new CEO, Elmer is responsible for all the services and solutions we deliver to our international clients. With his decades of experience, creativity, and passion for the latest technological developments, he will continue to lead Mediaan Conclusion to be the best IT partner within the Euregion. On behalf of all colleagues, we would like to thank Joachim for his great work as our CEO and wish Elmer all the best in his new role!