Introducing Mediaan’s international management. We fired all sorts of questions at the four men (Joachim, Elmer, Marco & Marcus). What drives them? How do they make the difference? Perhaps more interesting: how do they actually spend their free time? A look behind the scenes at this ambitious team, which manages Mediaan as ‘One International Company’ and aims to increase international cooperation across all fronts

Joachim Depper

At which companies did you work before?
Among other things, I worked for the Fraunhofer Institute, Debitel AG and EPlus / KPN. At the latter company, I have managed various teams as a CIO. I was responsible for the integration of EPlus in the KPN organization. During this period, I have come to know Mediaan as one of my service providers.

Since when are you connected to Mediaan?
In 2006 I was at the start of MediaanABS Deutschland. Together with my team, I have established a branch in Düsseldorf which has built up an excellent name in IT consultancy in a short period of time. There are currently 23 employees in Düsseldorf.

How do you see yourself in your position?
To start with, I’m a team player. As a CEO, I like to inspire people and coach employees. I am a real networker who loves – and maintains – my relationships with clients. I always aim to build a long term relationship . It is my job – together with the other members of the board – to establish growing sales for Mediaan, and to guide the young people at our company in their development.

Can you tell us something about yourself?
I am a stable personality, who always keeps both feet on the ground. I do not consider organizational changes as a threat, but as a new chance to create success. I will always accept a challenge, take my responsibilities and never give up. I am a single father of three children.

Joachim Depper

Economist Joachim Depper (1965), CEO of Mediaan, studied at the University of Stuttgart Hohenheim. He has gained more than 20 years of experience in different positions at information and technology companies.

Elmer Nelis

Elmer Nelis (1970) is Managing Director of Mediaan Nederland. He graduated from the HTS (Informatics) and joined Mediaan since 1997. Elmer is responsible for Mediaan Nederland, which consists of a team of 60 highly educated professionals.

Elmer Nelis

What did you do before joining Mediaan?
After my military service, I joined the Dutch Railways in Utrecht. I have also worked for Rotterdam University for a few years.

What was your role at Mediaan?
Because I’ve been working at Mediaan for a long time, I know almost all the services and products we can offer to our customers. From software development to program management and consultancy. I know Mediaan from the inside out: the customers, the employees and the environments in which our company is operating.

What is your specific job as a director?
I am responsible for Mediaan Nederland. We develop technology that makes the difference for our customers. This is often software, such as apps and portals, but we also develop solutions using artificial intelligence. Our team consists of 60 employees from 8 different nationalities. A talented and energetic group of people. It’s my job to maintain this energy and keep our knowledge always ahead of time.

What can you tell about yourself?
With my experience, creativity and network, I know I am in the right place at Mediaan. I am a person who has a broad-based knowledge and follow with great interest the developments in the world of technology and the business of our customers. I like to present about this topic. I live together with my partner Lizette in Gulpen and keep fit by running.

Marco Peters

What have you been up to in recent years?
I have led multidisciplinary and international teams of different sizes. My main clients were BASE, Telenet, Group Pierre Vacance & Center Parks and Isabel Group. Isabel Group is Belgium’s leading provider of banking services to professionals, where Mediaan is a partner in the realization of the required transformation.

What are your strengths?
I’m a passionate manager who is not afraid to accept a challenge. I can put business and technology in the right perspective and define an approach to bring companies from IST to SOLL. I never give up and I am a real teambuilder / player.

What ambitions do you have?
Since last year we have grown very fast in Belgium, and in the coming months, I want to further expand Mediaan Belgium. My personal ambition is to deliver more technology in Belgium. Personally, I want to be a good father and husband and create beautiful memories with my family.

Can you tell us something about yourself?
I am someone who is not afraid to get my hands dirty, I am always positive and keep my both feet on the ground. You can tell I am a real ‘Limburger’. My hobbies – cycling and karting – help me to keep fit and take my mind off things. A healthy body and a carefree mind are crucial in delivering the achievements to this wonderful company Mediaan.

Marco Peters

Managing director Marco Peters (1970) has been responsible for Mediaan Belgium since 2012. In a short time, he managed to put this establishment on the map and lead it successfully. Marco is a professional who has a long-term experience in program, project and interim management at the cutting edge of business and technology.

Marcus Vengels

Marcus Vengels (1966) took the place of Joachim Depper in Düsseldorf as Managing Director of MediaanABS Deutschland. In 1993, he graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. During that time he assembled and sold computers to pay his studies.

Marcus Vengels

Why are you passionated about IT?
One of the most interesting facets of IT is its versatility. For this reason, the latest developments around the internet and its applications have my special attention. It’s fascinating to see what’s happening in technology and how it affects our daily lives and our society.

At which companies were you previously active?
Some of my main stations were EPlus, Vodafone , Telegate Media AG and KlickTel, without exception strong and fast growing companies. I was also at the start of the successful that was bought by Vodafone in 1999. In 2012 I left Telegate as a CTO, shortly thereafter I joined Mediaan Deutschland.

What can you deliver to Mediaan?
I am able to grow a dynamic organization and business. Something Mediaan also desires. My main interest goes out to companies that operate in the high tech sector and connect to the markets in which they are active. I also gained expertise in process management. In addition, I have experience with implementing and guiding major change processes.

What are your strengths?
I am an authentic and natural leader who has the ability to help organizations in their growth and to discover new markets. I love working with people and giving them the opportunity to develop. I enjoy it when they take that opportunity and get the best out of themselves.