During our “The Future is Now” event that took place on October 12, we pledged to donate 20 euros per participant to a charity. This year we have chosen three charities that are working for a better future for people in need and our world. There were 62 attendees present, allowing us to donate a total of 1240 euros. Many thanks to all the participants for their votes!

More info about the chosen charities you can find below. Click on the links to read more about their work and how you can donate:

FairClimateFund “Clean cooking with biogas” project

Since early 2022, Mediaan Conclusion has been participating in FairClimateFund‘s “Clean cooking with biogas” project. This project helps people in rural India to switch from cooking on open fire to a new clean way of cooking with biogas. By donating, families in rural India will have access to a 100% sustainable and clean way of cooking.

Het Centrum tegen Kinderhandel en Mensenhandel (CKM)

Every year, thousands of boys and girls, men and women in the Netherlands become victims of human trafficking. CKM fights against these practices by participating in various high-profile (international) pilots, conducting their own research, working on annual awareness campaigns and providing advice to policy makers and aid organizations, among others.

Clean Air Task Force (CATF)

Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is committed to the rapid reduction of emissions and the development of sustainable climate solutions. Their mission is to drive the technological and policy changes needed to affordably achieve a carbon-free, energy-efficient society. Through technological innovation, they aim to make the full range of carbon-free alternatives available, including advanced renewable energy sources, carbon-free fuels, carbon capture and advanced nuclear power at an affordable price.