Such a full house at Mediaan! From then interns to now full-timers and brand new faces! Please welcome Martijn, Raymond, Daan, Tu Anh, Laura, Simon, Inger and Sébastien to the Mediaan’s family!

Simon, Sébastien and Martijn are the new members to Mediaan Hasselt. Simon was a former intern who is now a full-timer Data Scientist. Sébastien joined Mediaan Hasselt last September as our new Consulting Project Manager while Martijn as our Software Engineer intern. Daan and Raymond are our former interns who are now full-timers at Mediaan Heerlen as Full-Stack Software Engineer and Cyber ​​Security Specialist.

This year we also welcome Inger, Tu Anh and Laura who are KE@Work students working part-time at Mediaan as Junior Data Scientists.

We are happy to see Mediaan’s family growing more and more each year!