Digital agents offer various possibilities to increase the performance of a customer contact centre (hereinafter CCC). Advantages can be achieved in the efficiency and effectiveness of the CCC process. Using this artificial intelligence (AI) technology, customers can be seamlessly provided with the right information at the right time based on self-service and digital agents.

Some might think companies are taking the easy way out by creating self-service solutions that allow them to reduce their overhead by employing fewer support centre employees. The opposite is true. Companies are investing time and money to create a better customer experience by supporting their CCC employees to handle complex issues, with relevant information. Let’s dive into the world of digital agents, and how this AI technology can improve the KPI’s for the CCC process.


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There are different goals to start using digital agents in your CCC process:

GOAL 1-Digital agent as a virtual employee

As a virtual employee, bots take over simple tasks from service employees or the web care team. Bots, for example, receive first-line customer contact and can answer easy FAQ questions.

GOAL 2-Digital agent to support human agent

To support a service agent, a chatbot makes suggestions for answers based on business rules data or historical information of the customer. Service agents then only have to approve or reject this answer.

GOAL 3-Digital agent as a work planner

As a work planner, the chatbot already requests the necessary information, such as an e-mail address and/or a customer number, and prepares this information. This way the agent can pick up the work more efficiently.

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