Unlocking the Power of NLP: Can ChatGPT Benefit Your Organization?

2023-02-10T10:18:38+01:00februari 8th, 2023|Mediaan blog|

In today's fast-paced and data-driven world, organizations are constantly seeking ways to boost productivity and creativity to deal with labor shortages. One technology that is gaining popularity in this regard is Natural Language Processing (NLP) and, in particular, ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. In response, Google has announced its own version [...]

Accurately Detecting Objects Using Oriented Object Detection

2022-10-14T08:06:35+01:00oktober 14th, 2022|Mediaan blog|

Several years ago, finding and classifying individual objects within an image was an extremely difficult task. Today, digital devices, using computer vision object detection, can easily and quickly identify the contents of images. This enables new ways of visual data understanding and analysis in various industries. Despite its advantages, traditional object detection can be [...]

How to Successfully Build an Agile Culture

2022-09-15T09:02:04+01:00september 15th, 2022|Mediaan blog|

Remember our previous blog on why agile transformation sometimes fails? By now you may already know that the reason behind the problem often lies in the approach or assumption itself. People tend to forget that agile transformation is not about a plannable transition from one destination to another, but a transition from a known state [...]

Why Agile Transformation Sometimes Fails

2022-09-01T08:23:00+01:00september 1st, 2022|Mediaan blog|

With your teams already working according to Scrum, becoming Agile should be easy, right? Moreover, the managers in your company are leadership professionals who regularly coach employees on self-leadership and self-reflection. Your company structure is lean and highly flexible. You have everything you need to undergo an agile transformation. Unfortunately, it's not working. What [...]

Keyword Spotting – Efficiently Dealing with Speech Data

2022-08-04T08:09:17+01:00augustus 4th, 2022|Mediaan blog|

From Siri to Cortana to Alexa, voice assistants are rapidly becoming part of everyday life. But have you ever wondered how these voice assistants know that you're talking to them? The answer is that you simply call them by their name. Now you may be wondering how that is even possible. That's where Keyword Spotting [...]

Behind the Scenes: Electric Vehicle Charging Station Hotspots App

2022-08-18T09:46:11+01:00juli 26th, 2022|Mediaan blog|

In Germany, the number of electric vehicle charging points has increased from about 1,500 to more than 44,000 in 8 years. Despite this significant growth, there are still large gaps and low coverage in some areas. This has adversely affected the usability and adoption of electric vehicles. To address these issues, initiatives and funding [...]

Blog Interview: How to Tackle Data Scarcity in Speech Translation

2022-02-24T09:46:58+01:00februari 23rd, 2022|Mediaan blog|

Thanks to Speech Translation (ST) technology, the task of translating speech in a source language into text in a target language is possible! Unfortunately, traditional cascaded ST approaches using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Machine Translation (MT) are prone to errors propagations. Due to that, end-to-end ST has recently been gaining more popularity instead. [...]

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