Project Description




Driven by digitization and the introduction of agile working methods, IT areas are subject to permanent change. This is particularly true for globally active companies that have grown strongly through acquisitions and therefore have a very heterogeneous application and IT process landscape.

Our customer, a globally acting Healthcare company, has decided to fundamentally harmonize the IT landscape in Europe and the US. Changing individual solutions on a local and regional level into international valid standards and having a clear focus on activities that result in a clear competitive advantage.

Thanks to our extensive experience in complex IT transformations as well as strategic organizational development and change management programs, Mediaan Conclusion was brought into the team. Our experts in the field of Business Transformation supported our client in:

  • Creating the role, process and organization design
  • Planning and implementation of a change management roadmap
  • Planning and implementation of the transition
  • Adapting the existing operating model
  • Executing an internal audit program


The initial question was how to support the company’s core business through future proof IT. Based on this, a decision was made concerning IT capabilities and capacities which still have to be provided in-house in the future. At the same time, this also defined which IT tasks could be covered by a strategic partner. Based on this, various forms of organization and cooperation models were evaluated. Finally, a model that reduces costs, increases productivity and stability was chosen, further detailed and implemented. In respect to this, the concept was the consequent application of the “Structure follows Strategy” principle.


Thanks to the program, the customer broke new ground. There was no previous experience in collaboration with a managed service partner from a “low cost” country to any significant extent before. The roles and processes most affected by outsourcing were the least defined and harmonized, and ultimately the IT infrastructure consisted of many proprietary local or regional applications. In addition to exchanging applications and transferring responsibilities to a managed service partner, the mindset also had to be changed. Openness for new forms of collaboration and for new partners as well as the willingness to break away from old, traditional, and beloved ways of thinking and working were a compelling prerequisite for the success of the program.


The solution was based on the close integration of a top-down and a bottom-up approach. At first, a small group of senior management members set the framework. In further steps, the employees of the company and the managed service partner then filled this framework with detail and “life”. Step by step larger parts of the company were included in the design of the future organization and cooperation models. During collaboration workshops, use cases were used to practice the co-operation of the new set-up and to find answers to open questions. Overall, we were able to help our customer in the following areas:

  • Creation of an organization design and introduction of the new organization

  • Creation and implementation of a change management roadmap

  • Introduction of a new harmonized role model

  • Planning and implementation of the transition and control of the transfers activities between the affected employees

  • Revision of the existing operations model and step-by-step introduction of the new procedures with the help of collaboration workshops
  • Creation of Collaboration Guidelines for the core processes of the value chain
  • Planning and piloting of trainings
  • Support of the internal program audit


Our customer has decided to comprehensively restructure all areas of IT; the application landscape as well as the partner model, the organizational structure and size and ultimately also the operating model. Thanks to our experience in complex transformation projects, we were able to lead our customers from the old to the new world; without losing people, tasks, responsibilities or applications and without noticeable performance losses for the internal customers. By this, our client was not only able to achieve the ambitious savings targets, but also lay the foundation for continuous further steps towards efficiency and agility.