Project Description




PDM is an expert company in the manufacturing industry that aims to professionalize the high-tech process and help manufacturing industries to excel in the market. An example of its service is to assign an inspector (an expert) to perform flange inspections during a turnaround at the client’s industrial plant. During this scheduled event, the entire process unit of an industrial plant is shut down for maintenance activities.

Performing flange inspections used to be prone to errors, slow and a very labor-intensive process. Maintenance activities were controlled using standard paper checklists. It means that an inspector had to check off countless of inspection criteria and then manually converted the information into excel files by the end of the day. Just imagine the amount of work!

With a team of four developers and one project manager, we helped PDM to develop digital tools to support inspectors during a turnaround. The results? Increased working efficiency and faster response due to real-time inspection results. During this project, we supported PDM in:

  • Developing a portal that allows a faster inspection preparation
  • Developing an inspection app that enables a quicker and easier flange inspection
  • Developing a Power BI dashboard that shows real-time inspection results.


For a better and faster inspection preparation, we developed a portal that allows you to add flanges that need to be inspected, appoint the right contractors & engineers and assign inspectors that will perform the inspections. Our team developed an app to assist the inspectors during the flange inspections. Using the app, they can quickly go through the control checklists, and this way can focus more on performing the inspection itself. They also get the option to add extra notes and upload related photo’s into the app. Lastly, we also developed a Power BI dashboard that shows real-time inspection results so crucial actions can be taken immediately.


The whole flange inspection process used to be very labor-intensive, slow, and prone to errors. During a turnaround, inspectors need to inspect works of hundreds of mechanics per day. It also means that hundreds of control checklists need to be entered manually in the excel files by the end of the day. The inspections results were analyzed late during the day. The consequent? Crucial actions could only be taken the next day instead, due to the lack of real-time data available.


To provide the best possible solution, we put together a team of front & back-end developers and a project manager. During this project, our team used the following techniques:

  • Angular
  • .NET
  • Microsoft Azure

  • Power BI
  • SQL server
  • Scrum/ agile


Thanks to the portal, the inspection app, and the Power BI dashboard, it is now possible to:

  • Access real-time inspection results which allow a faster response to take crucial actions
  • Prepare & manage the inspection faster using the inspection app
  • Perform benchmarking due to the availability of digital data
  • Get a better insight into the situation on-site due to the ability to add notes and upload pictures