Are you familiar with Netflix recommendations, Google Search, and the concept of self-driving cars, but have no idea how they actually work? Don’t worry! Our Mediaan talks help you understand how some of these famous applications work and show you how to generate business value using AI.

Do you want to stay relevant and learn about the newest technologies? We’ve got you covered with our expertise blogs! Get also inspired by our “The life of…” series to find out what it’s like to work at Mediaan.

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Ever wondered how artificial intelligence and machine learning can create business value for your organization?

With these vlogs, we want to discuss famous AI applications, outline use cases for different markets, and cover different technologies that can help you generate more business value.

Like our videos and want to learn more? We are more than happy to get in touch with you and help you plan the next step on your journey to embedding AI into your business!

3 Reason To Start Using Digital Agents

Digital agents offer various possibilities to increase the performance of a customer contact centre (hereinafter CCC). Advantages [...]

The History of AI (3/3)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be the next big thing. Nowadays, it is impossible to avoid the [...]

The History of AI (2/3)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be the next big thing. Nowadays, it is impossible to avoid the [...]

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An Overview of Agile Frameworks

Welcome to the third and final part of our agile blog series! In the first and second blog, you learned what agile working means and how to get the right agile mindset. This blog [...]

Angular vs React vs Vue.JS: Which One is the Best in 2022?

The web is filled with different types of content for all audiences. People use it to watch videos, file taxes, interact with communities, or even share cat pictures. Web frameworks are one of the main [...]

Working Agile: Getting the Right Mindset

Previously, we showed you when and why a company that wants to be well-positioned in the future should be working agile. This blog highlights a topic that most consulting firms are unlikely going to [...]

Introduction to Agile Working

Almost everyone and every company is talking about agile working. Often you hear the word “agile” being thrown around, without people even realizing its actual meaning. Fair enough, people love buzzwords — they help [...]

Computer Vision: Improving Your AI

Welcome to the 4th and final step on how to start using Computer Vision! Previously, we highlighted the benefits of deploying and running a Computer Vision model. We also explained the process of automating human [...]

Computer Vision: Start Using Your AI

By now, you already know some of the most important steps on how to start using Computer Vision. In one of our previous blogs, we showed you how labelling technique helps you structure visual [...]

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Meet Sebastian Winkler!

As an international company based in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, Mediaan has been steadily transforming in its 51 years of existence. Five years ago, we started our transformation to a data-driven company. We [...]

A Successful Flight Of An Autonomous BVLOS Drone Over The Waal River!

Exciting news! DroneMatrix and Mediaan recently showcased Rijkswaterstaat how a BVLOS-operated drone automatically flew to its destination without being continuously visible. It had a successful first long-distance flight capturing real-time images (with a 360 [...]

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Medianers’ Home Offices

It's been almost a year now that Medianers are working remotely from home. In this video, Valentin & Nick share how they have experienced the situation so far. Get a glimpse of their home [...]

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The Mediaan Band covers “Stand by Me” from home

During these difficult times we miss seeing our colleagues in person. We are all working from home, but we still work together and play together… Find out how the Mediaanband put on a fun performance [...]

Launch 21: THE BIG EVENT

On Friday 15th of January 2021, we had our Launch 21 kick-off event. This year, we went completely digital and combined lots of creative videos with panel discussions, inspiring tech sessions, and a thrilling [...]

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