Project Description




For a long time, network planning systems were an important differentiator in the mobile telecommunications market. This led to many individual developments and thus to highly proprietary and inevitably cost-intensive IT landscapes in this area. As a result of the increasing cost pressure, network planning systems were later more strongly standardized and used as an out-of-the-box solution. Our customer went one step further and started looking for a system house that was able to map the complete IT stack of network planning systems as a managed service.

With many years of experience with complex IT modernization projects, Mediaan Conclusion was able to help the customer with the project from scoping, tendering and vendor selection through to implementation and steady state. In this project we supported our customers in the following areas:

  • Creation of an IT and sourcing strategies
  • Execution of an RFQ and selection of a strategic partner
  • Development of a Managed Service Model
  • Modernization and streamlining
  • Process optimization and TCO reduction


The concept was based on a revolutionary new strategy for network planning systems and the associated processes. The basic idea was to replace existing systems and processes with a managed service. We also developed a basic commercial model which can be used to determine the price of the services and generate remuneration. Keeping this concept in mind, we found the perfect partner. Together, we designed and implemented completely new network planning and IT operations structures (roles, processes and organizations). The transition into the new world of network planning was supported by a comprehensive change management approach.


What our customer was looking for did not exist on the market at that time. Both the network operator and the supplier had to think outside the box and many new process models had to be developed. This required not only a high degree of trust, openness and creativity, but also the willingness to break away from old, traditional and beloved ways of thinking and working.


Mediaan Conclusion proposed solution essentially consisted of the following steps:

  • Setting up a complete IT strategy for the network planning systems
  • Design new work processes and anchor them in the service description for a Managed Service Contract
  • Searching for and finding a technical and experienced partner who took the risk of using a newly developed remuneration model in Managed Service

  • Drafting and negotiating the Managed Service Agreement including the transfer of IT assets
  • Setting up the transformation program, replacing the existing legacy IT stack and introducing the new planning processes into the organization
  • Creation of an Organization Change Management concept and execution of the OCM measures


With many years of experience with complex IT modernization projects, Mediaan Conclusion was able to help the client with the project from scoping through tendering and vendor selection to implementation and steady-state. Together with the strategic partner, we designed new network planning and IT operations structures (roles, processes, and organizations) and implemented them accompanied by comprehensive change management. Our solution led to a significantly more modern and leaner application landscape, optimized processes and ultimately to a significant reduction in TCO.